Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Charm Tutorial

Did you know there is a game for smartphones and tablets that lets you win Disney emojis to use in text messaging? I started playing Disney Emoji Blitz shortly after the game came out, because I’m a big kid at heart! This week there is a challenge specifically geared towards Minnie Mouse fans, where you can win a set of Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Emojis (with gems, not the actual challenge 🙁 )! 

She’s gorgeous, pink, and sparkly, and I WANT HER!

My sister-in-law and I are playing our thumbs off to win her in the game, but until then, I decided to make a polymer clay charm inspired by her, since I haven’t done a Disney craft tutorial in a while.

Unlike my very beginner Disney Emoji Blitz inspired eraser tutorials (Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage) that were made with molds (and easy enough for most ages and levels), this Minnie tutorial is free-hand sculpting, thus I made a video tutorial this time!

You’ll find a supply list of everything I used to make my Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Charm below, followed by the video tutorial (most of the time the embedded video doesn’t want to work on phones, so there is also a link that will open the video in your YouTube app).

Have fun making your Minnies!

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Before I get to the supplies list, I want to take 2 seconds to let you know that 99% of the supplies listed in ALL of my tutorials, come from Amazon. Their prices are usually equivalent or cheaper than many craft stores (except for basic or heavy supplies, like acrylic paint). I do comparison checks for myself while making the tutorials, to make sure the price is better than craft and hobby stores! For this reason, I very much recommend signing up with Amazon Prime.

Signing up is free, and so are your first 30 days. If you just want to order the supplies, then decide it’s not right for you, or you won’t always use it, canceling is always an option. I know that with two little ones, having Prime has helped with ordering random things, that I need, but don’t have time or sanity, to load my kids in the car, drag them around an obscure store to find one thing, get to school on time, and stay on top of my business. I’ll say it loud and proud, I LOVE Amazon Prime!

If you haven’t heard about all of the perks, one year’s membership covers free 2-day shipping on so many items. The vast majority of the supplies (and other products) I recommend are included in this free shipping! Plus, you get access to Amazon’s streaming service (Downton Abbey and Man in the High Castle are worth it alone) and Amazon Music Unlimited. If you plan to be doing any of my tutorials, or are starting a new crafting hobby, I cannot recommend Amazon Prime’s 30-Day Free Trial enough. Okay, enough of my shameless pitch (that’s totally worth it), on to the supplies!

You’ll need:

I know it seems like there are a lot of supplies to accumulate upfront, but I use these things for all of my polymer clay tutorials (the only varying factors are the cutters and the colored shimmers), so buy what you can to start, then add on as you want. Many household items can be used as tools (just make sure to keep clay and food tools separate)!

Click Here to View the Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Charm DiY Tutorial in Your YouTube App.

I hope you enjoyed making your Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Charm! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a different emoji tutorial 😊 and if you are on Instagram, please tag me, so I can see your handiwork @tinybirdtreasure!

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Stay Magical Friends💕

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