Miniature Christmas Snow Globe Polymer Clay Tutorial

If you couldn’t tell from my last few posts, I really love Christmas. Inspired by my sister-in-law, who loves pastel holidays, I decided to make a few teeny, tiny snow globes that actually work. This tutorial involves polymer clay. I offer two different designs, depending on the look and skill level you have with clay sculpting. If you’d like to skip straight to the video, you can scroll all the way to the bottom, or see it on YouTube here.

Make two different styles of tiny snow globes to give as homemade gifts to the doll house lover, American Girl doll enthusiast, or as a Christmas necklace.

The sizes of mine (and the supply link below) are 20mm. This makes them the perfect size for larger doll houses (or big, fancy snow globes for regular-sized doll houses). They are REALLY the perfect size for American Girl dolls (or other 18 inch dolls). These would be such a cute gift for a little girl who loves tiny things or has one of these large dolls.

Another option is to glue on the bail (these are included with the bulbs in my link below) and make them quirky Christmas pendants. You could always go smaller with a 10mm bulb, but I wanted mine to be visible without a close-up look.

Make two different styles of tiny snow globes to give as homemade gifts to the doll house lover, American Girl doll enthusiast, or as a Christmas necklace.

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These are Links to the Supplies I’m Using in the Video:

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This was a super fun project and would be the perfect gift for someone who loves interesting jewelry, miniatures, or pastel Christmas decorations (you can always change the colors 😉 )

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What other kind of tutorials would you like to see? Were their any difficulties you found that I didn’t explain in the video?

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