DIY Maui Necklace from Disney’s Moana

With Halloween approaching quickly, I’ve been contemplating how to make the rest of our costumes this year. Most of my Moana outfit is finished. My son’s “Heart of Te Fiti” costume is finished. That leaves “Hei Hei” and Maui.

Thinking about Maui’s costume, his necklace, tattoos, hook, and leaf skirt are pretty much all there is. My husband is a big guy.  I knew he could handle some heft when it came to sculpting materials, so I thought, “Oh! Salt Dough!” for sculpting the “shark teeth.”

This tutorial is WAY too involved for written instructions, so I will list the tools and recipe here, then post my video tutorial below.

Because this is salt dough, anyone can make it! The recipe makes a LOT of dough, so you can let your kids play with it too and still have plenty for your costume! (Don’t let them eat it though, there’s an unhealthy amount of salt in it!)

Maui costume necklace DIY tutorial from salt dough for Halloween costume, cosplay, Moana activity for kids, or Moana birthday party idea!

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You’ll need:


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! This was a super fun project for me, and my toddler got a kick out of playing with the leftover dough. You could also sculpt Moana’s necklace from it too, if you were too nervous to make it with resin from my other tutorial. After baking, just paint it as desired and sprinkle some blue glitter on it 🙂

Also, just  FYI, Disney is ending their partnership with Netflix next year *facepalm*, so if you haven’t picked up your own copy of Moana, I recommend you find it here!

If you make anything from my tutorials, please tag me on Instagram @tinybirdtreasure! I’d love to see how yours turned out! Happy Halloween crafting!



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  1. Robyn Shaver

    October 12, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    So creative and cute! Great job on the necklace!

    1. Wifey

      October 13, 2017 at 6:35 pm

      Awe, thank you! 🙂 It was super fun to make!

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