Welcome to my nest!

I am Wifey-author of this blog-whose passions lie in artistic and homemaking endeavors. After studying abroad in France during college, I began learning to cook-like “for real cook,” with meat thermometers, soup rue, and flavor profiles. Daughter of a pair of “can-do, make-do, we-kill-our-own-meat” kind of parents, I grew up tinkering, sewing, gardening, chasing chickens, hunting game, burning biscuits, and wandering the woods behind our house.

After becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I realized how isolating and monotonous the lifestyle can be, and began learning (and improving) my varies homemaking and artistic skills, as well as, creating and enjoying enrichment-preschool-style activities and recipes with my kids.

After honing some of my crafting skills, friends and family began asking for orders. After a few weeks of continuous ordering, I opened my first online shop! Through growing my businesses, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy marketing, photography, designing, and teaching others how to both make money from home, and craft useful and tasty things. This blog is to help other mamas out there who want to put a little more creative juice into their lives, and maybe make a little extra cash in the process!

Always feel free to message me with a post suggestions or questions! I’m here to help YOU with your creative endeavors <3

Thanks for stopping by!